Physical-Occupational-Speech Therapy

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What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical Therapists are highly educated and state licensed professionals that treat musculoskeletal diseases and disorders through the use of exercise and modalities. They can help restore function and decrease pain while reducing the need for surgeries. At Dunbar Therapy Center, our physical therapy department has many years of experience providing rehab services to a wide variety of conditions. 

What Services Does a Physical Therapist Provide?

Physical therapists provide a variety of professional services aimed at restoring the client's function and independence. These include:

•      Helping people regain strength and range of motion after surgery.

•      Helping patient manage pain due to injuries or degenerative conditions.

•      Assisting patients in learning to walk again after injury or illness.

•      Helping clients improve balance and gait quality.

•      Educating clients and caregivers on home management of their specific condition.

•      Assisting athletes in getting back to playing their favorite sport.

•      Educating clients and caregivers on fall prevention.

•      Establishing programs aimed at preventing injuries and promoting wellness.

Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can be beneficial for many different conditions and disorders. Some of the most common are:

•      Sprains and strains

•      Tendonitis/Bursitis

•      Low back and neck pain

•      Fractures

•      Joint replacements

•      Gait and balance disorders

•      Arthritis management

•      Sports injuries

•      Stroke management

•      Pediatric developmental disorders

•      Amputation management

•      Generalized weakness

What Methods of Therapy are Used?

The most common forms of interventions include:

•      Balance training

•      Strength training

•      Stretching

•      Posture stabilization and proper body mechanics

•      Traction

•      Electrical Stimulation

•      Ultrasound therapy

•      Educate clients and caregivers

 The physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and determine the best course of treatment based on the client's individual needs and goals. The therapist will work with the client and monitor the progress making changes to the plan of care when needed. We want our clients to feel comfortable communicating with their therapist and to keep an open line of discussion about their condition and what is expected from their treatment.